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Kerry is a Canadian-born Australian artist living in Tasmania,
also known as a multi-award winning cartoonist, illustrator and author
under her nom de plume
Kerry Millard" (

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Woodbridge Hill - Le weekend
Acrylics on beech panel ~ 40cmh x 30cmw

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Sandford, Tasmania - There were muttonbirds too, but they've just sailed away
Acrylics on cotton canvas ~ 60cmh x 75cmw

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Tide on the turn - D’Entrecasteaux Channel Tasmania
Acrylics on canvas~ 74cmh x 60cmw

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August Sunday at Gordon Tasmania
Acrylics on paper~ 57cmh x 40cmw

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Moon Bear
Acrylics on canvas ~ 60cmh x 74cmw
(Donation to the people of the Yukon, Canada)

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Acrylics on canvas ~ 122cmh x 102cmw

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Hello friend
Acrylics on canvas ~ 60cmh x 74cmw
(Donation to Whitehorse General Hospital, Yukon, Canada)

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Anne’s parka
Acrylics on canvas ~ 74cmh x 60cmw
Private collection

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Topographical Bach
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 76cmw
Private collection

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I caught a tree daydreaming in Balmain
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 61cmw

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After the burn
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cm x 76cm

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Rock pool
Acrylics on canvas ~ 61cmh x 77cmw

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Kettle Island
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 67cm w
Private collection

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Just next door
Acrylics on canvas ~ 30cm x 30cm

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They say that no two snowflakes are the same, but how do they know?
Acrylics on canvas ~ 122cmh x 91cmw

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"Danderleith" hills
Acrylics on canvas ~ 30cmh x 40cmw

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Wrap me in a warm hug
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 76cmw
Private collection

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At the beach
Acrylics on canvas ~ 61cmh x 92cmw

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Are we there yet?
Acrylics on canvas ~ 77cmh x 51cmw

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Stoney creek
Acrylics on canvas ~ 92cm x 92cm
Private collection

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Acrylics on canvas ~ 80cmh x 80cmw Private collection

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Daisy's Secret - the fourth Wilderness Fairies adventure was selected for the
“Hello! from Australia” exhibition of Australian Children’s Book Illustration at the 2015 Bologna Book Fair!
Illustrated under my other hat as
Kerry Millard

Daisy's Gift - the fifth and final Wilderness Fairies adventure was released in July 2015
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Vintage cartoon corner
- Sydney Morning Herald 1995

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