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Cafe Frendz Nursery ~ acrylics on canvas ~ 61cmh x 77cmw

Kerry Thompson is a Canadian-born Australian artist, also known as a multi-award winning cartoonist, illustrator, and author under her nom de plume, "Kerry Millard" (

Kerry's paintings have been described as joyful, whimsical, full of life and energy, colourful, honest, and thought provoking. Each piece is a moment captured from her life in a bold and refreshing exploration.

Her trademark is colour and invention, her gift is to distill subjects down to their simplest essence, in an almost childlike manner.
“...Her thick brushstrokes seem to invoke the paintings of a child, where imagination is spilt onto canvas in a way that allows a certain innocence to meet the depth of a lifetime of experience as an artist"

Keisha Galbraith - Sydney Observer
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Kettle Island

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Are we there yet?

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It's a jungle out there

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Kangaroo paw

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Itty-bitty city

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Published as illustrator Kerry Millard I am excited about the release of the first two books in Jodie Wells-Slowgrove's Wilderness Fairies series by Penguin (Australia), set in the Australian bush.

Visit the
Wilderness Fairies website to learn more about Daisy's Quest
Daisy's New Wings, and more!

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Daisy's Quest pg 63
Illustration by Kerry Millard

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Just next door

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Blue city

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Rock pool

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