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Kerry Thompson is a Canadian-born Australian artist, also known as a multi-award winning cartoonist, illustrator, and author under her nom de plume, "Kerry Millard" (

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They say that no two snowflakes are the same, but how do they know?
Acrylics on canvas ~ 122cmh x 91cmw ~ $2000

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Topographical Bach
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 76cmw ~ Sold

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Wrap me in a warm hug
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 76cmw ~ Sold

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At the beach
Acrylics on canvas ~ 61cmh x 92cmw $1100

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Kettle Island
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 67cm w ~ sold

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Are we there yet?
Acrylics on canvas ~ 77cmh x 51cmw $850

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Itty-bitty city
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cm x 92cm $1650

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After the burn
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cm x 76cm $1650

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"Danderleith" hills
Acrylics on canvas ~ 30cmh x 40cmw $440

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Stoney creek
Acrylics on canvas ~ 92cm x 92cm ~ Sold

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I caught a tree daydreaming in Balmain
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 61cmw $840


Published as illustrator Kerry Millard I am excited about the release of the first two books in Jodie Wells-Slowgrove's Wilderness Fairies series by Penguin (Australia), set in the Australian bush.

Visit the
Wilderness Fairies website to learn more about Daisy's Quest
Daisy's New Wings, and more!

Under my nom de plume as cartoonist
Kerry Millard I am have joined Wendy Harmer and the crew as their cartoonist on The Hoopla

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Pg 63 from Daisy's Quest by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove
Penguin (Australia) 2014
Illustration by Kerry Millard

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Acrylics on canvas ~ 62cmh x 46cmw $550

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The tip
Acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 61cmw $990

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