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Philosopher's corner

pnk camellia 72 x 25 4.9.11

A few thoughts I’ve been mulling over, particularly having just had a conversation with someone who said he only believes what has been scientifically proven.

To my mind, if you accept that there was a time when something was true but hadn’t yet been scientifically proven, then there must be things now that are true but just haven’t yet been scientifically proven.

Which brings me to the subject of blinkers and lenses - I know that I am restricted, or perhaps directed in my vision because I was trained in Western science/medicine and that I may be blind to things which don’t fall into the categories I was given. I think it’s important to be aware of the window through which we view the world...which is what our art is all about. Exploring our view and our window.

And it occurred to me that we only build instruments to measure whatever it is that we already think exists (I’ll have to think some more about this, and you may come up with exceptions). We probably don’t yet have the right gear to detect/measure many things which exist but are still invisible to our biological (eyes and ears etc) and scientific (radio receivers, cameras etc) and mathematical (physics) instruments.

Food for thought.

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