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Cartoonists on canvas (and other stuff)

I know I malign my GPS frequently, and I’m about to do it again.

I recently had a wonderful trip to Tamworth to hang my new exhibition,
“Are we there yet?” at Weswal Gallery, 192 Brisbane St, Tamworth NSW 2340. I stayed with lovely friends, then on my way home, popped into Nundle. Gorgeous little town - I bought a dear little white enamel teapot which makes JUST the right amount of tea! The Tamworth - Nundle road is completely exquisite at the moment after all the rain - hills, and valley floors dotted with horses, pastel grasses and trembling trees - wonderful.

As I left Nundle I decided to drop in on the tiny village of Hanging Rock, only about 5 minutes away, I’m told. So I set the GPS to Hanging Rock and off we went. OK, so I was getting suspicious after about 10 minutes but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt (adding to my suspicion was the fact that Hanging Rock is at higher altitude than Nundle, and I was going downhill…) After over an hour and about 70 km, I arrived back at Nundle. My little old GPS, rather than asking me to do a U-turn to get to the turnoff to Hanging Rock seeing as my car was a couple of hundred metres beyond it and pointing away from it, took me around the block. Of course, in the bush, each side of a block can be 40 km long…

Never mind…I had left early and had the whole day and loved the drive.

So, back at Nundle, I set my GPS to “HOME”. Now I’m guessing I must have it on the “most direct route” setting, which in the bush (or the country as we would have called it in Canada) can look great on the map, but which in reality meant taking nine hours to do a five hour trip, bumping along single lane dirt tracks, around hairpin bends on the side of hills, through pockets of rainforest, past paddocks and scrub, scraping around trees and bumping over cattle grids through fences with “No Trespassing!” signs on them…past a hidden luxury riding establishments and more than a few surprised looking horses and cattle,… in the end I was getting more than a little worried and decided to take the next chance I could to connect with the main highway. OK, so I didn’t take it because by then I was busting to see where the track would take me next… and eventually I made it home. I was exhausted but what a wonderful trip!

Two weeks later my car is still laden with fine red dust. It is due for a service, and Hyundai wash the car when they service it. Hmmm…you can see what I’m thinking …

From April 16th to 24th I’ll have some paintings and cartoons hanging in a new exhibition called, Cartoonsts on Canvas (and other stuff) to show our several sides - at the Frendz Community Gallery (20 Moore Ave.,West Lindfield NSW 2070) with Lindsay Foyle, Steve Panozzo, and Sturt Krygsman. Our opening will be on Saturday April 21st from 3 - 6 pm for “Meet the cartoonist!” - there will be nibbles and wine and paper and pens and a graphics tablet and a few cartoonists to chat with … should be fun!

Flyer_2012_4_fin_cartoonistsoncanvas_FCG 72dpi