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Goodness gracious, I've been away from the blog for ages! First I was busy with my pop-up Little Firefly Gallery, then I was busy packing it up, and then doing all of the jobs I had put aside, then having a bit of a break reading a stack of books, then getting back into work and keeping cool.

Image 7
(My Little Firefly Gallery at West Lindfield during December 2012) Photo Christoph Mueller

In the meantime, lots of interesting stuff has been happening...

trailer has just been released for a new movie, Return to Nim's Island which will be released in Australia on April 4th 2013. It's a sequel to the feature film, Nim's Island starring Jodie Foster, based on the book by Wendy Orr, which I illustrated (as 'Kerry Millard'). I am in the original movie for 1 1/2 seconds - it was exciting being on the set and watching everybody at work! I was hugged by Jodie Foster and kissed by a sea lion.
Selkie kissing Kerry Web Unfortunately I didn't get a call to take part in this new movie; I guess Hollywood lost my number ...

The two original Nim books, Nim's Island and Nim at sea will soon be released in a new single volume, called The Nim Stories.

Nims Island movie cover 2
Nim at Sea p 120 Kerry Millard 72 x 15
Kerry Millard Illustration from Nim at Sea

In the meantime, I'm exploring a new project which I'll write about on Wednesday - there's a particular reason why it will be on that particular day, heh heh.

An odd little bit of food for thought: I have been watering my garden for the first time since the drought. Something unusual began to grow outside my kitchen door - I let it grow and watered it and watched it - it began to look like a sunflower plant. Yay! I LOVE sunflowers! And yes, eventually, slowly, when the plant was as tall as I am, a big sunflower head began to develop, then one day it began to open, the next day it was open a bit more, then the next day, it was gone! Completely. The plant was still standing but the flower head had been nipped off perfectly cleanly. Not a trace left behind. I suspect a cockatoo. So ... now there's a stalk as tall as I am with leaves, and no flower, and I was thinking, what good are you if you are a sunflower plant without a flower? Just a stalk and leaves. Then I thought, how mean to dismiss the plant just because it has no bloom - makes you wonder what makes us valuable. Or, what we think makes us valuable. Where does our value really lie? The stem and leaves did all the work to get the bloom up there, maybe they deserve the credit! Of course, now that it has become a philosophical question, I can't possibly pull it out...

Sunflowers blue - Kerry Thompson Web
Sunflowers blue Kerry Thompson

I’m growing beans up a bit of lattice fence. A bowerbird has been sitting on the top of the fence and eating my beans. I don't mind - I just think of it as growing bowerbirds.

Bower birds at billabong_KerryThompson sigMillard 10cm
Bowerbirds at the billabong Kerry Thompson

And there's a frog living in my watering can.

Happy New Year!