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Top Secret Artwork Delivered

Under my illustrator/author/cartoonist nom de plume, Kerry Millard, I have been commissioned to illustrate a series of books by publishers Penguin (Australia).

On Thursday a few days ago I delivered the finished artwork for the first two books in the series of four! Very exciting - I had just finished applying a grey wash to the line drawings. It is always a great moment when the work can be spread out on a big table and revealed to the editors and publisher. Luckily they loved them, and having arrived at Penguin at 3pm, by 4pm the illustrations had sneaked into the overnight courier bag to Melbourne (it was already closed but was opened up to let them in) where the designer is having them scanned, and is placing them with the text. The two books go off to the printer before Christmas.

Even though I had set up a room in my house to do the work in, as per usual I ended up doing it on my dining room table and eating wherever else I could fit. Here is a photo of what my living/dining room looked like part way through book 1. Some of the pictures are of things happening underwater, and some are at night, so it was challenging to work out how to paint them with my little paintbrush without the paper getting so wet it buckled.

As soon as I’m allowed to tell you the titles and what the books are about I will, but at the moment it is still top secret!


Oh, and here's a little visitor I spotted in a birdhouse I bought at Salamance Markets in Hobart two Christmases ago!

2013_12_8 FrogInBirdhouseKerryThompson

It’s a charming wee frog!