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Look at what these kids have done!

Three of my paintings recently took part in an exhibition at Fairlight, NSW. Vanessa Mistry ( http://www.artsie.com.au/ ) runs art classes with kids in the room where the paintings were being displayed and she told me that she and her students were very excited by the work, and that they had been inspired by it to make some wonderful works of their own.

I'm really over the moon that she has sent some photos of what they have done and I'm completely bowled over by it. Take a look - I'll show you my three, then four of the paintings done by the kids. Wow!!!

I'm tickled pink to have been invited to do a school holiday workshop with Vanessa and kids on July 4th 2012...I can hardly wait!

My paintings: ("Itty-bitty city", " Just next door", "Go fishing")

Pasted Graphic . Pasted Graphic 1 . Pasted Graphic 2

By Vanessa's kids...

Pasted Graphic 3 . Pasted Graphic 4 . Pasted Graphic 5 . Pasted Graphic 6

See what I mean???!!! I think they're Fantastic!!!!! How exciting to think that your work inspired somebody, and then to see where they've taken it... I'm absolutely stunned by this!