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12_9_3 Bundanon flats
Road into “Bundanon”, early morning - Kerry Thompson

Several months ago I received a very exciting e-mail from the Bundanon Trust inviting me to take up a two week Artist Residency in August 2012 on “Bundanon” near Nowra, NSW, Australia. The property is one of three gifted to the Australian people before his death by iconic Australian painter, Arthur Boyd and his painter wife, Yvonne, as an arts education and residency centre.

The Boyd family is a family amongst whom making art is life blood. Normal. Fundamental. Assumed. What a wonderful geography in which to steep for two weeks.

12_9_3 Bundanon early morning IMG_235912_9_3 Bundanon track img 200212_9_3 Magnolia Bundanon IMG_227312_9_3 Bundanon morning mist
Early morning mist, track to “The Cedars”, magnolia, dam beside the Homestead, all on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

I was invited as Book Week illustrator/author so had two fun days presenting to and working with primary and secondary school students who were bused in by the Trust from the surrounding district.

12_9_3 Musicians Hut mist Bundanon12_9_3 Riversdale IMG_2326...
Musicians Cottage “Bundanon”, Shoalhaven River from “Riversdale” - Kerry Thompson

The feeling at “Bundanon” and associated property, “Riversdale”, is one of creativity and invention being nurtured, and inspiration virtually erupts from the wombat-hole-punctuated ground.

12_9_3 Wombat BundanonIMG_202012_9_3 Wombat hole IMG_212312_9_3 Kangaroos sundown Bundanon IMG_239312_9_3 Kangaroo paddock Bundanon IMG_2313
Wombat and kangaroos on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

As a Wildlife Reserve, “Bundanon” carries a permanent population of relaxed kangaroos who hang out in the paddocks on the flats, wombats, and a wealth of birdlife amongst the small herd of Brangus cattle and in the surrounding bush and skies.

12_9_3 Flame tree Bundanon IMG_220012_9_3 Bundanon cow12_9_3 Amphitheatre Bundanon IMG_2340
Flame tree, Brangus heifer, The Amphitheatre, all on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

It was exciting to paint along the shores of the Shoalhaven River and under “Pulpit Rock”, both familiar images from Arthur’s work. I loved the 1800s homestead, and the walk between Arthur’s studio and the house, his jumper left on his chair in the studio, and painty fingerprints on the light switch.

12_9_3 Arthur Boyd studio Bundanon IMG_207112_9_3 Arthur Boyd studio Bundanon IMG_226212_9_3 Boyd studio fingerprints IMG_2264...12_9_3 Bundanon homestead IMG_211112_9_3 Pulpit Rock Bundanon 2 IMG_217612_9_3 Shoalhaven river gold IMG_2031
Arthur Boyd’s studio, Arthur Boyd’s workbench and jumper, painty fingerprints, “Bundanon” Homestead, Pulpit Rock, Shoalhaven River all on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

The skull of horse “Flame”, who also appears in an iconic painting, hangs above the door. I couldn’t help but notice that on the wall right beside “Flame” was a notice for…
12_9_3 Flame Bundanon IMG_2265

I loved this place. I had a double studio to myself and painted and walked and painted and read and drank cups of tea and painted with eight easels set up…Paintings I made there appear in my
catalogue dated August 2012. A richly affecting experience.

12_9_3 Artist studio Bundanon IMG_236112_9_3 Bundanon artist residency studio IMG_228612_9_3 Bundanon morning Tree IMG_236312_9_3 Shoalhaven River BundanonIMG_2024

12_9_3 Bundanon sunset IMG_2391
Singlemans Hut and kangaroos on my last evening at “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson