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Daisy's Quest and Daisy's New Wings have arrived!

With my hat on as Kerry Millard, illustrator, I am very excited to be able to finally reveal the covers of my latest two books!

Penguin Books (Australia) invited me to make the pictures for a new series by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove,

Wilderness Fairies set in the Australian bush, with a delightful young fairy called Daisy and her family, friends, and adventures.

Daisy's Quest and Daisy's New Wings are books one and two in the series and it was so exciting to finally see them as actual books and not just illustrations and pages of words scattered all over my living room!


Jodie has written great characters and relationships and stories and I enjoy the language she uses. Set in the Australian bush, we meet a variety of familiar and less well known bush plants and animals.

The drawings on the inside have been painted with a grey wash which was handy as a lot of Daisy’s Quest takes place at night or underwater!

I’m about to begin working on the next book in the series with a meeting with our editor tomorrow to talk about what illustrations I have in mind. There are quite a few new characters in book 3 whom I am looking forward to meeting as they appear on the page.

The first two covers have a subtle splash of sparkle on them here and there which gives them a really gorgeous texture and makes them very tactile. I’ve never done books with sparkle on them before and now that I’ve seen how excellent it is it will be very hard to hold back from going a bit nuts on books 3 and 4!

Do take a look at them if you see them in your travels!

I’ll add one of the illustrations here, from Daisy’s Quest.

©2014Kerry Millard From Daisy’s Quest by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove (Penguin Books)