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A hug, some snow, and a bit of Bach

As the wood stove takes the chill off in the evenings and the days are glorious here in Sydney, I thought you might enjoy a mini exhibition of a few new paintings. 

Wrap me in a warm hug_Kerry-Thompson 72x15

Wrap me in a warm hug ~  Kerry Thompson ~ acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 76cmw ~ sold

This painting ended up being about a blanket and a hug. When I took it to be professionally packed to go to its new home, my chap had left a note sticky-taped to the door saying "Closed - we are visiting our first grandson!"

Pretty appropriate, I thought!

The next canvas turned out to be:

Snowflakes_Kerry Thompson 72 x 15opt

They say that no two snowflakes are the same, but how do they know?
~  Kerry Thompson ~ acrylics on canvas ~ 122cmh x 91cmw ~ available (at time of writing)

How DO they know? And who are "they"?

I have visions of little scientists running about in snow flurries with mittens and microscopes ...

Snowflakes are usually symmetrical so you'll notice I've included a little personal visual chuckle with a few rebels.

Topographical Bach_Kerry Thompson 72 x 20  opt

Topographical Bach ~  Kerry Thompson ~ acrylics on canvas ~ 76cmh x 76cmw ~ sold

This piece was created for and about a musician. While working I listened to her favourite music including Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #5, the handwritten score of which was sitting online (!). It was exciting to use a bar or two as a topographical map for the landscape.

Among the trees are clarinets, music stands, trombone slides, brass instruments, flutes and piccolos and fiddles sprouting from the ground, staves flow across the landscape and musical notation fashioned after Bach's handwriting is sprinkled through the undergrowth and canopy.

The musician is going to try to find the exact spot on her recording that I used as my map - so she'll be listening to her painting. Layers upon layers -  fantastic!