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More fireflies and other bugs

I’ve been loving my pop-up gallery - The Little Firefly - so much that I’ve decided to stay…at least for another month or two while the landlord at Cafe Frendz waits for a permanent tenant.

I’ll reopen on Wed Jan 11th at 11 a.m.

I’m in amongst the Cafe Frendz Nursery at 20 Moore Ave, Lindfield NSW 2070.

I’ve been enjoying painting while I’m in the gallery/studio and here’s one of the pieces I’ve made there, “Twiggy”

Twiggy 72 x 10(click on it to see a larger version)

It’s the last day of 2011 - nice to be launching into the new year with such a lovely project.

I was going to set up a space in an adjoining shop for people to use for art projects, reading, chatting etc, but the 12 month lease for such a welcomed but financially risky idea was too scary!

I’ll offer private tuition in the Little Firefly in my compact studio space as an experiment…not so much to “teach” as to help unlock.

Sun shower - Kerry Thompson 10cm

I’ve just had a very worrying week when my computer died completely and it looked like my backup wasn’t going to work. For the period when I thought I’d lost absolutely everything, I came to realise how much time I spend fiddling around with the stuff which is only a record and archive of what I’m doing out in the world, but which has come to feel like the main game. Anyway, after getting a new computer with a fancier operating system, then having to re-jig a lot of programs, etc etc - I’m back up and running. Here’s the painting that was my response to it all…called, “Internet”

Internet 72 x 10