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Bye bye Firefly...

I’ll have to actually download and upload photos of the Little Firefly Gallery before I pack up on Sunday afternoon - it has filled up with prints and cards and paintings...

I’ve really enjoyed the experience and will see if there’s another little shop somewhere which would lend itself to me popping up in it for a bit!

I have a jaunt to Tasmania planned and will try to meet up with another artist or two to go out and paint together. Although I’ll have to start sleeping on my roof if I bring home many more paintings.

The other morning I was sitting on my back verandah enjoying my cup of tea and toast, and was joined by two rainbow lorikeets, three brown cuckoo doves, and two king parrots. A few evenings ago a male lyrebird was stepping about on the roof of my yurt studio - a VERY rare sight. There’s also a wallaby who grazes behind the house. Good grief! What a lucky place to be living in!

If a fish is asleep, how do you know? Kerry Thompson 72 x 20
If a fish is asleep, how do you know?