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More fireflies and other bugs

I’ve been loving my pop-up gallery - The Little Firefly - so much that I’ve decided to stay…at least for another month or two while the landlord at Cafe Frendz waits for a permanent tenant.

I’ll reopen on Wed Jan 11th at 11 a.m.

I’m in amongst the Cafe Frendz Nursery at 20 Moore Ave, Lindfield NSW 2070.

I’ve been enjoying painting while I’m in the gallery/studio and here’s one of the pieces I’ve made there, “Twiggy”

Twiggy 72 x 10(click on it to see a larger version)

It’s the last day of 2011 - nice to be launching into the new year with such a lovely project.

I was going to set up a space in an adjoining shop for people to use for art projects, reading, chatting etc, but the 12 month lease for such a welcomed but financially risky idea was too scary!

I’ll offer private tuition in the Little Firefly in my compact studio space as an experiment…not so much to “teach” as to help unlock.

Sun shower - Kerry Thompson 10cm

I’ve just had a very worrying week when my computer died completely and it looked like my backup wasn’t going to work. For the period when I thought I’d lost absolutely everything, I came to realise how much time I spend fiddling around with the stuff which is only a record and archive of what I’m doing out in the world, but which has come to feel like the main game. Anyway, after getting a new computer with a fancier operating system, then having to re-jig a lot of programs, etc etc - I’m back up and running. Here’s the painting that was my response to it all…called, “Internet”

Internet 72 x 10

Photos of the Little Firefly Gallery

I am LOVING my 17 day pop-up shop, the Little Firefly Gallery (Dec 2 - 18 2011 behind Cafe Frendz at 20 Moore Ave, West Lindfield NSW 2070 Australia.)
Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 2 72x20
Today I took photos.

Please note:

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 8 72x20
- Little green plant-holding tricycle: bought with my first day’s takings. Moral: running shops beside nurseries is probably a bad idea.

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 1 72x20
- Home-made marble sorter-outer on table. Even tough, very grown up people end up having a lot of fun with it.
Thank you Nancy for your idea that I include it!
Incidentally, my apologies to the rather small girl who came in with a wad of pizza dough and of whom I had suspicions when there were fewer marbles after she’d left that when she arrived. I suspected the pizza dough and her grin as she left.
Today I found my lost marbles.
As I said, my apologies to her for the suspicion: she doesn’t know who she is.

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 6 72x20
-the wonderful view from where I stand when painting

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 10 72x20
-glorious lilies given to me by a visiting friend

-there is a book of my cartoons on a little table near the marble sorter-outer - I have never heard such a variety of snorts, chortles, chuckles, squeaks, and other noises issuing from folk as they look through it - completely heartwarming!

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 5 72x20

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 7 72x20

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 4 72x20

If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop in! A comfy chair awaits!

The Firefly has been launched!

City ditty - Kerry Thompson 10cm City ditty

Yesterday was my first day in my 17 day pop-up Little Firefly Gallery (20 Moore Ave West Lindfield NSW 2070 - Dec 2nd - 18th), and I loved it! Mark, from Cafe Frendz, and I had a Garden Party Opening yesterday evening with bubbly and an amazing fruit platter and an equally delectable cheese platter, and lots of lovely visitors.

"Danderleith" hills - Kerry Thompson 72x10Danderleith hills

I painted in the gallery during the day, and folk wandered in which meant we had...conversation! Working on my own as I do normally, I don’t get much intelligent conversation, so that was really enjoyable. And the conversation included topics besides paintings...so now I know what people do out there in the world. I even had to commute. OK, so maybe 5 minutes isn’t really commuting...but it’s definitely further than from the kitchen to my study.

Between the flags Between the flags

I had lovely visitors and found homes for some tiles I’ve had made from some of my paintings, and for several paintings. Good homes. I love that. Although one dropper-inner suggested that if they go to a bad home, maybe they’ll help the home become a good one. What a kind and lovely thought.

Blue sunset smll Blue sunset

Of course, being situated in a nursery meant that some of my earnings went on the sweetest little green tricycle plant pot holder...I’ll take photos today.

Now to figure out what it is that people make their packed lunches out of...

but one went the other way 72 x 20But one went the other way...

Little Firefly Gallery, and "Hello sunshine!":

Bower birds at billabong sig 10cm

It’s amazing what can happen from one day to the next!

One day I’m sitting in the delightful Cafe Frendz at West Lindfield, with a friend, having a coffee and minding our own businesses, and the next day I’m suddenly preparing to move into a vacant shop next door as a little gallery from December 2 - 18, where I’ll be minding my own business!

 Sydney smll

The Little Firefly Gallery will alight at Shop 2, 20 Moore Ave., West Lindfield NSW 2070 behind Cafe Frendz and tucked in amongst the attached nursery. What FUN!!! I’ll include the flyer below with everything you might need to know.

Hello sunshine Kerry Thompson 72x 10 sigHello sunshine!

In the gallery I’ll hang an exhibition from my collection of works for sale, called, ”Hello sunshine!”after a painting of that name, and in celebration of the beginning of summer and the launch of the Cafe Frendz Nursery and the Little Firefly Gallery.

Garden Party Opening will be from 5 - 8pm on Friday December 2nd, and everyone is welcome. There will be an armchair so you can peruse paintings and petunias particularly pleasantly!

Balingup evening smll

Sigh! Life is full of adventures!

And, I’ve connected with several wonderful quilt shops - I admire their work and they seem to like mine, so more on that later.

Bendemeer Hill smll

Further, I'll be introducing information about a new group,
Andable (www.Andable.com), who will be launching a website in February 2012 where artists and merchants (particularly who care about their footprint on the planet) will have an online shop, and 10% of sales will go as micro loans to people elsewhere in the world who need a hand getting started with their own enterprising ideas to get over the hurdles imposed by poverty. Then the loans will be paid back after three months. What a painless and brilliant way to put the wealth to work, and help somebody else!
K Thompson Little Firefly Gallery A4 flyer nov 2011
P.S. This is so clever and wonderful!!


"What I did"s and Art for kids

Well I had a lot of fun at the Sydney Art Show at Darling Harbour The mini studio worked well and made me feel as if I was at home, and it was relaxing and fun to paint for the three days and a bit. Lots of lovely people stopped by for a chat.
KThompson Syd Art Show Mini studio 2......KThompson mini gallery Syd Art Show
One fellow suggested that I must have a lot of time on my hands. I politely but baffledly agreed, then when he came past again asked him what he meant. He said that I must have a lot of time on my hands if I have had time to make so many paintings. I said that’s like saying to your plumber that he must have a lot of time on his hands because he has time to plumb, or your doctor must have a lot of time on her hands because she has time to doctor... have I mentioned, as a lapsed vet, how I’m always delighted by the different connotations of “doctoring” vs “vetting”?

Here is a painting I did in my mini studio - it’s called “Rock pool”

Rock pool  72 x 20Rock pool

Exhibition opening coming up soon..........

I am delighted to have been invited to hang five paintings in the (Randwick) Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation's upcoming Christmas exhibition. 
The opening will be held on Thursday Dec 8th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The exhibition will run until January 23rd 2012 and a portion of all sales will flow to the Hospital Foundation to help fund their wonderful programs.

There will be works by numerous artists, including a group of us who are Friends of the National Art School, and our particular theme is, "Friends"! 

Cheers for now!

but one went the other way 72 x 10...but one went the other way

Technology, paint, and Zoe Lewis

Friends KThompson 10

I’ve just made slideshow of some of my paintings to music by Zoe Lewis, Pies for the Public. Luckily, Zoe likes my work, and was happy and generous enough to give me permission to use her music which I love.

Click here to visit our video

Yay, technology!

Studio cam and Studio Stand (D13)


All is excitement and flurry as I prepare for my little Stand D13 at the Sydney Art Show coming up in three weeks!

It’s not a big space (1m x 3m) and I’m trying to figure out how to turn it into a mini studio so I can be painting over the three days I’m there. It will be great to chat to lots of people and meet other artists, and hopefully find new homes for some paintings.

sep 11 poppies 72 x 12 Kerry Thompson

I’ve also rashly offered to do a presentation on Sun Oct 16 from 1 - 1:30 pm called, “Green sky and purple trees - unleash your inner mad scientist at preschool”

Just next door 72 x 10
Just next door Kerry Thompson

I’ve been watching on a webcam a pair of sea eagles raise a chick which gave me the bright idea of trying a studio cam! I launched it yesterday and have made the following discoveries:

- if you use the camera on your laptop, a lot of the time is spent seeing you looking into the lens, perplexed, as you try to work out if the thing is on or not

- if you use the camera on your laptop, the laptop is in the wrong position for good wireless reception so a lot of the time is spent seeing you frozen, looking into the lens, perplexed, as you were trying to work out if the thing was on or not

- when you first try this with the camera on a table behind you, you block the canvas when you’re painting so nobody can see what you’re doing.

- if the sound is off, somehow it makes it all less interesting.

- you look older than you think.

- you probably are older than you think.
sep 11 yel nast Kerry Thompson  72 x 10...sep 11 veges  Kerry Thompson 72 x 12

Philosopher's corner

pnk camellia 72 x 25 4.9.11

A few thoughts I’ve been mulling over, particularly having just had a conversation with someone who said he only believes what has been scientifically proven.

To my mind, if you accept that there was a time when something was true but hadn’t yet been scientifically proven, then there must be things now that are true but just haven’t yet been scientifically proven.

Which brings me to the subject of blinkers and lenses - I know that I am restricted, or perhaps directed in my vision because I was trained in Western science/medicine and that I may be blind to things which don’t fall into the categories I was given. I think it’s important to be aware of the window through which we view the world...which is what our art is all about. Exploring our view and our window.

And it occurred to me that we only build instruments to measure whatever it is that we already think exists (I’ll have to think some more about this, and you may come up with exceptions). We probably don’t yet have the right gear to detect/measure many things which exist but are still invisible to our biological (eyes and ears etc) and scientific (radio receivers, cameras etc) and mathematical (physics) instruments.

Food for thought.

picket 4:9:11 72 x 20

Artist encounter - with cake!

On September 15th Gabby Malpas and I are looking forward to an Artist Encounter at Gordon Library to chat about our exhibition there, “I’ll bring cake”, and how we go about making paintings. It should be fun and there will be coffee and tea ... and cake! To join us, just book through the library, who will ask $5 to cover costs.

Art Encounter_Kerry Thompson Art Encounter_Kerry thompson p2. jpg

New blog on wheels

Gallery header

My blog was getting a bit crowded over at www.kerrymillard.com (my nom de plume) so I’ve moved next door here to Kerry Thompson’s Gallery . It also makes sense as most of what I’m doing these days has to do with painting!

Like buying a replacement car this week - my trusty old Toyota Corolla hatchback has been doing really well but hasn’t been quite big enough now that I’m moving whole exhibitions of paintings. It ends up getting packed up to the eyebrows and then some.

I went to a dealership to try out the car I had decided to buy after a lot of research ( the” Dog and Lemon Guide” is great), and on the test drive with the salesman navigating, I realised we were heading in the direction I’d planned to take afterwards to collect two paintings from a gallery. I asked the salesman if we could make that a part of the test drive and he said OK!!! So we didn’t just simulate but really and truly did EXACTLY what I was buying the car for: we drove to the gallery, I had to weave around city streets and reverse parallel park a couple of times asking directions and finally parking, my salesman friend helped me carry the two paintings to the car where I was able to see what it is like to unlock the beast and load work into it. Fantastic! Then I got to see what it’s like driving with paintings in the back, and unloading them at the end! It was perfect.

I did a bit more negotiating and ended up the next day buying the car at an excellent price with roofracks and a roof basket thrown in so I’ll be able to carry everything with ease.

Now THAT’s what I call service!!!!