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You're invited! Nov 30th

Yay! My temporary gallery, The Little Firefly, will be appearing from Friday Nov 30th until Christmas Eve at Frendz Gallery, 20 Moore Ave West Lindfield NSW 2070.  Map

I'll have paintings and prints for sale, a wide range of cards, tiles, fridge art, and a couple of new ideas I'm cooking up for people on a budget who enjoy my work and would like to take just a bit home with them or to share as gifts. There's even a little something for the technological amongst us!

I'll be at my easel painting (looking forward to it), and there's a comfy armchair for visitors to enjoy with a coffee and a chat!

On Friday Nov 30th from 6 - 8 pm I'd love you to join me if you can, and a group of ceramics artists next door, for a very giddy joint opening ~ everybody is welcome!

2012_11 LF A5 web

Sydney Art Expo 2012

Kerry Thompson stand B2 Sydney Art Expo 2012Bumping in to the Art Expo

The Sydney Art Expo from Sept 21 - 23 at the Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, was a lovely chance to meet folk who dropped by, and to send works off to new homes. My pop-up gallery, The Little Firefly, popped up there for the three days and I painted on site which is always fun.

Kerry Thompson pop up gallery Sydney Art Expo 2012

The team from the “Put Some Colour in Your Life” TV series were there too - lovely people!

The paintings and I are now getting ready for our next pop-up gallery at Frendz Community Gallery, 20 Moore Ave, West Lindfield 2070 from November 30th to December 24th. I'll set up my studio there, and may even have room for people to bring along their own projects to work on. We'll see...

If a fish is asleep, how do you know? Kerry Thompson 72 x 20
If a fish is asleep, how do you know? has gone to a new home

Home from "Bundanon"

12_9_3 Bundanon flats
Road into “Bundanon”, early morning - Kerry Thompson

Several months ago I received a very exciting e-mail from the Bundanon Trust inviting me to take up a two week Artist Residency in August 2012 on “Bundanon” near Nowra, NSW, Australia. The property is one of three gifted to the Australian people before his death by iconic Australian painter, Arthur Boyd and his painter wife, Yvonne, as an arts education and residency centre.

The Boyd family is a family amongst whom making art is life blood. Normal. Fundamental. Assumed. What a wonderful geography in which to steep for two weeks.

12_9_3 Bundanon early morning IMG_235912_9_3 Bundanon track img 200212_9_3 Magnolia Bundanon IMG_227312_9_3 Bundanon morning mist
Early morning mist, track to “The Cedars”, magnolia, dam beside the Homestead, all on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

I was invited as Book Week illustrator/author so had two fun days presenting to and working with primary and secondary school students who were bused in by the Trust from the surrounding district.

12_9_3 Musicians Hut mist Bundanon12_9_3 Riversdale IMG_2326...
Musicians Cottage “Bundanon”, Shoalhaven River from “Riversdale” - Kerry Thompson

The feeling at “Bundanon” and associated property, “Riversdale”, is one of creativity and invention being nurtured, and inspiration virtually erupts from the wombat-hole-punctuated ground.

12_9_3 Wombat BundanonIMG_202012_9_3 Wombat hole IMG_212312_9_3 Kangaroos sundown Bundanon IMG_239312_9_3 Kangaroo paddock Bundanon IMG_2313
Wombat and kangaroos on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

As a Wildlife Reserve, “Bundanon” carries a permanent population of relaxed kangaroos who hang out in the paddocks on the flats, wombats, and a wealth of birdlife amongst the small herd of Brangus cattle and in the surrounding bush and skies.

12_9_3 Flame tree Bundanon IMG_220012_9_3 Bundanon cow12_9_3 Amphitheatre Bundanon IMG_2340
Flame tree, Brangus heifer, The Amphitheatre, all on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

It was exciting to paint along the shores of the Shoalhaven River and under “Pulpit Rock”, both familiar images from Arthur’s work. I loved the 1800s homestead, and the walk between Arthur’s studio and the house, his jumper left on his chair in the studio, and painty fingerprints on the light switch.

12_9_3 Arthur Boyd studio Bundanon IMG_207112_9_3 Arthur Boyd studio Bundanon IMG_226212_9_3 Boyd studio fingerprints IMG_2264...12_9_3 Bundanon homestead IMG_211112_9_3 Pulpit Rock Bundanon 2 IMG_217612_9_3 Shoalhaven river gold IMG_2031
Arthur Boyd’s studio, Arthur Boyd’s workbench and jumper, painty fingerprints, “Bundanon” Homestead, Pulpit Rock, Shoalhaven River all on “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

The skull of horse “Flame”, who also appears in an iconic painting, hangs above the door. I couldn’t help but notice that on the wall right beside “Flame” was a notice for…
12_9_3 Flame Bundanon IMG_2265

I loved this place. I had a double studio to myself and painted and walked and painted and read and drank cups of tea and painted with eight easels set up…Paintings I made there appear in my
catalogue dated August 2012. A richly affecting experience.

12_9_3 Artist studio Bundanon IMG_236112_9_3 Bundanon artist residency studio IMG_228612_9_3 Bundanon morning Tree IMG_236312_9_3 Shoalhaven River BundanonIMG_2024

12_9_3 Bundanon sunset IMG_2391
Singlemans Hut and kangaroos on my last evening at “Bundanon” - Kerry Thompson

Colour in Your Life

On Sunday July 22nd 2012 at 7 pm on 4METV I'll be featured on the program, Put Some Colour in Your Life, with Graeme Stevenson.

It was fun painting and being interviewed - I got excited as always with the colours on the canvas - and Graeme is such a generous interviewer, an accomplished artist in his own right. This series of shows about various artists is his passion, and as of August 1st will begin to air on Virgin Airlines, and is on its way to America. The series has been nominated for a Logie for best light entertainment program.

Thanks Graeme!

Graeme Stevenson and Kerry Thompson  photo by Mazuma Productions
Graeme Stevenson and Kerry Thompson Photo©2012Mazuma Productions

Filming and editing were done by the lovely Sophia - I'm really impressed by how she has put it all together so it keeps moving along… and how inventively she has incorporated one particularly long title!

If you miss it on 4METV, you can catch it on YouTube or the
Colour in Your Life Website, and I'll put a link on my home page. If you take a peek, I hope you enjoy it!

Nim eBook Cover question

So, as "Kerry Millard" I'm working on a cover for an eBook that Wendy Orr has created for the National Year of Reading, to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. It's full of recipes and activities etc for kids, related to Nim's Island which has a volcano and lots of coconuts! I'm really leaning towards the gold one - would be interested in your thoughts...
Nim eBook two covers

Nim's Island II movie!

I can now reveal that the movie, "Nim's Island II" has begun production! It is based on "Nim at Sea", sequel to "Nim's Island", both written by Wendy Orr and illustrated by myself under my nom de plume, "Kerry Millard". The books have been published all around the world.

"Nim's Island" starred Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin, with Gerard Butler. I was invited to travel up to where it was being filmed on the Gold Coast, Queensland, to watch its production for three days, and played an extra for a few seconds in a scene with Jodie Foster. It was a great experience, VERY exciting and fun!

This sequel will be a different cast and a different sort of project so I'm not expecting to extend my movie career by another few seconds. However, you never know...the phone could ring...

Nim will be played by Bindi Irwin.

Here's an illustration from the book.

Nim at Sea p 120 Kerry Millard 72 x 15

Itty-bitty city hanging at NSW Parliament House

Today from 5 - 7 is the opening of MAN:GAE, an exhibition by the Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney. It is hanging in Fountain Court at NSW Parliament House and I was invited to be part of this venture to celebrate 50 years of Australian and Korean friendship. There are about 45 artists, the majority Korean, represented by one piece each,…I have sent “Itty-bitty city” because I thought it best represented friendship and the title of the exhibition which means in full bloom. I’m really looking forward to seeing the diversity of works on display. This is actually a continuation of an exhibition which travelled to Seoul last year.

We’ve had big winds and storms - sunny today but clouds scudding across the sky and my windows are rattling - it will be chilly but hopefully not too wet getting to the opening. I’m really thrilled to be hanging in such a wonderful exhibition and location! I bought some really gorgeous and giddy colourful and patterned tights when I travelled through Scone recently - I think today will be a good day for them!

141. Itty-bitty city - Kerry Thompson”Itty-bitty city” Kerry Thompson (This painting is certainly getting out to see the world!)

Look at what these kids have done!

Three of my paintings recently took part in an exhibition at Fairlight, NSW. Vanessa Mistry ( http://www.artsie.com.au/ ) runs art classes with kids in the room where the paintings were being displayed and she told me that she and her students were very excited by the work, and that they had been inspired by it to make some wonderful works of their own.

I'm really over the moon that she has sent some photos of what they have done and I'm completely bowled over by it. Take a look - I'll show you my three, then four of the paintings done by the kids. Wow!!!

I'm tickled pink to have been invited to do a school holiday workshop with Vanessa and kids on July 4th 2012...I can hardly wait!

My paintings: ("Itty-bitty city", " Just next door", "Go fishing")

Pasted Graphic . Pasted Graphic 1 . Pasted Graphic 2

By Vanessa's kids...

Pasted Graphic 3 . Pasted Graphic 4 . Pasted Graphic 5 . Pasted Graphic 6

See what I mean???!!! I think they're Fantastic!!!!! How exciting to think that your work inspired somebody, and then to see where they've taken it... I'm absolutely stunned by this!

A little bit longer...

Our Cartoonists on Canvas (and other stuff) exhibition will run for a bit longer - until Monday April 30th. I really love being in the gallery and meeting people who drop in. The opening was fun and the two graphics tablets got good workout by people who tried them out.

Hot flush 72

I’ve made laminated copies of my (Kerry Millard) cartoons and have called them Fridge Millards. Quite a few have been going to new homes…

Fridge Millards 72

Cartoonists on canvas (and other stuff)

I know I malign my GPS frequently, and I’m about to do it again.

I recently had a wonderful trip to Tamworth to hang my new exhibition,
“Are we there yet?” at Weswal Gallery, 192 Brisbane St, Tamworth NSW 2340. I stayed with lovely friends, then on my way home, popped into Nundle. Gorgeous little town - I bought a dear little white enamel teapot which makes JUST the right amount of tea! The Tamworth - Nundle road is completely exquisite at the moment after all the rain - hills, and valley floors dotted with horses, pastel grasses and trembling trees - wonderful.

As I left Nundle I decided to drop in on the tiny village of Hanging Rock, only about 5 minutes away, I’m told. So I set the GPS to Hanging Rock and off we went. OK, so I was getting suspicious after about 10 minutes but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt (adding to my suspicion was the fact that Hanging Rock is at higher altitude than Nundle, and I was going downhill…) After over an hour and about 70 km, I arrived back at Nundle. My little old GPS, rather than asking me to do a U-turn to get to the turnoff to Hanging Rock seeing as my car was a couple of hundred metres beyond it and pointing away from it, took me around the block. Of course, in the bush, each side of a block can be 40 km long…

Never mind…I had left early and had the whole day and loved the drive.

So, back at Nundle, I set my GPS to “HOME”. Now I’m guessing I must have it on the “most direct route” setting, which in the bush (or the country as we would have called it in Canada) can look great on the map, but which in reality meant taking nine hours to do a five hour trip, bumping along single lane dirt tracks, around hairpin bends on the side of hills, through pockets of rainforest, past paddocks and scrub, scraping around trees and bumping over cattle grids through fences with “No Trespassing!” signs on them…past a hidden luxury riding establishments and more than a few surprised looking horses and cattle,… in the end I was getting more than a little worried and decided to take the next chance I could to connect with the main highway. OK, so I didn’t take it because by then I was busting to see where the track would take me next… and eventually I made it home. I was exhausted but what a wonderful trip!

Two weeks later my car is still laden with fine red dust. It is due for a service, and Hyundai wash the car when they service it. Hmmm…you can see what I’m thinking …

From April 16th to 24th I’ll have some paintings and cartoons hanging in a new exhibition called, Cartoonsts on Canvas (and other stuff) to show our several sides - at the Frendz Community Gallery (20 Moore Ave.,West Lindfield NSW 2070) with Lindsay Foyle, Steve Panozzo, and Sturt Krygsman. Our opening will be on Saturday April 21st from 3 - 6 pm for “Meet the cartoonist!” - there will be nibbles and wine and paper and pens and a graphics tablet and a few cartoonists to chat with … should be fun!

Flyer_2012_4_fin_cartoonistsoncanvas_FCG 72dpi

Tasmania and Tamworth and Tremendous Tidings...

I have just had a lovely two weeks in Tasmania with friends and offspring - lovely walks and meals and wine and chats and cosy fires (beginning of autumn) and a touch of Scrabble. Cowardly Scrabble - where you don't score. My host had never heard of it before...
I visited MONA (controversial private Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart) and walked on beaches and rainforest all within a stone's throw of my offspring's dear little elderly (rented) shack at Kingston Beach. The three black hens who live there are beautiful!
WindsorThe shack, Tasmania…

There will be a quick trip to Tamworth this week to deliver paintings for my upcoming exhibition,
"Are we there yet?", ...
Are we there yet? 72 x 10”Are we there yet?”

…and a fun Official Opening on Friday March 23rd from 5:30 - 8:00 pm at Weswal Gallery. The exhibition runs from March 23 to April 19th 2012 and was booked two years ago! It's interesting to see how the work has evolved since then!

Tasmania_Secret beach”Secret Beach” (not its real name), near the shack in Tasmania...

But my very new, big and happy news is...you know how you always hope there will be something exciting in the letterbox or your emails, you don’t know what it is that you’re waiting for, but you hope it will be there...well, I received one of those emails. Of course, I didn't realise it was one of those emails until I'd read it a few times, but I've been invited to take up a two week Artist in Residence spot at "Bundanon", the art study centre situated on the homestead of the late and great Australian painter, Arthur Boyd. I'll be given a little flat and a STUDIO, and can paint in the paddocks and on the banks of the Shoalhaven River amongst the wildlife and other artists in various fields (as opposed to paddocks)(although they may be in them as well). Bliss! In return, I'll give three talks to school kids from the region who will be bussed in, which will be an hoot!!!! I really enjoy such work.

Tasmania_rainforestRainforest near the shack in Tasmania…

This morning I woke to the sound of a lyrebird giving a performance from a tree just outside my window - there was gentle rain which they seem to like, and as mimics, their improvisation is endlessly fascinating and delighting, and just a little bit magic.

Tasmania-canoesMy final day in Tassie - the local high school got PERFECT and rare weather for their swimming carnival. I don’t doubt some years they’ve swum in snow…

Tomorrow is my last day…

OK, so hopefully not my last day ever, but it will be my last day in my Little Firefly Gallery at Shop 2, 20 Moore Ave, Lindfield NSW 2070. I have absolutely LOVED being in the little shop and talking to all of the delightful people of all ages who have dropped in.

I’d be sad, except I have two exciting newses. My first exciting news is that three paintings have just gone to wonderful new homes.

Sleeping Beauty - Huon Valley  Kerry Thompson 72dpi  10cm
”Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Tasmania”

Twiggy 72 x 10

Spring hill - Kerry Thompson 10cm
“Spring hill”

I am VERY happy. Some day I suppose I’ll be faced with the decision of selling one to a not-so-good home, and it will be a test indeed!

My second but not any less exciting news is that I have just been invited to be Artist in Residence by the Bundanon Trust. I’ll be tucked away in a little studio on the Shoalhaven River near Nowra on the NSW south coast for two weeks over winter, and will wallow in contact with other artists and local school kids, and the atmosphere of this wonderful, magical property of the late Arthur Boyd. I’ll fill the car with paints and will wear out as many brushes as possible! Yay!!!

OK - time to begin to think about packing up tomorrow - I’d better locate the broom…

Bye bye Firefly...

I’ll have to actually download and upload photos of the Little Firefly Gallery before I pack up on Sunday afternoon - it has filled up with prints and cards and paintings...

I’ve really enjoyed the experience and will see if there’s another little shop somewhere which would lend itself to me popping up in it for a bit!

I have a jaunt to Tasmania planned and will try to meet up with another artist or two to go out and paint together. Although I’ll have to start sleeping on my roof if I bring home many more paintings.

The other morning I was sitting on my back verandah enjoying my cup of tea and toast, and was joined by two rainbow lorikeets, three brown cuckoo doves, and two king parrots. A few evenings ago a male lyrebird was stepping about on the roof of my yurt studio - a VERY rare sight. There’s also a wallaby who grazes behind the house. Good grief! What a lucky place to be living in!

If a fish is asleep, how do you know? Kerry Thompson 72 x 20
If a fish is asleep, how do you know?

Firefly closing, "Watch this space!" opening!

page178-twiggy-72-x-10 I have loved my temporary pop-up Gallery, The Little Firefly, so much that it will continue to pop up at 20 Moore Ave in West Lindfield (see map and opening hours below) until Sunday Feb 26th, so do drop in to say hi if you get the chance.  Also, my exciting news is that I am helping to create and launch the Frendz Community Gallery right next door to the Little Firefly Gallery and am taking part in its very first exhibition : "Watch this space!” from Feb 7 - 14 2012. Opening with bubbly (parking easy): Thursday Feb 9th 6:00 - 9:00 pm 20 Moore Ave (enter through the nursery) Lindfield West NSW 2070 Australia (See map below)  "Watch this space!” Feb 7 - 14 For this very first exhibition on freshly painted walls of the Frendz Community Gallery I'll be displaying a never before revealed retrospective of work going back...I won't reveal here just how far (other than to say it was the year "Introducing...the Beatles" was released)...including ink, watercolour, and oils, beside a collection of pieces by community member Val Bennett.  Come along on Thursday evening Feb 9th for a glass of bubbly and to inspect this beautiful new exhibition space which is opening, and open to many people and many possibilities, in amongst a chirpy cafe and nursery and enthusiastic, welcoming community. You can see my Little Firefly Gallery at the same time.

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It's official...

MY Little Firefly gallery and studio will open on Jan 11th (after I get it all ready tomorrow - I have one VERY cute object which I’ll be bringing along…) and I’ll be there until at least February 29th. After that…who knows? It depends on whether a long term tenant has turned up to move into the shop space…