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Photos of the Little Firefly Gallery

I am LOVING my 17 day pop-up shop, the Little Firefly Gallery (Dec 2 - 18 2011 behind Cafe Frendz at 20 Moore Ave, West Lindfield NSW 2070 Australia.)
Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 2 72x20
Today I took photos.

Please note:

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 8 72x20
- Little green plant-holding tricycle: bought with my first day’s takings. Moral: running shops beside nurseries is probably a bad idea.

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 1 72x20
- Home-made marble sorter-outer on table. Even tough, very grown up people end up having a lot of fun with it.
Thank you Nancy for your idea that I include it!
Incidentally, my apologies to the rather small girl who came in with a wad of pizza dough and of whom I had suspicions when there were fewer marbles after she’d left that when she arrived. I suspected the pizza dough and her grin as she left.
Today I found my lost marbles.
As I said, my apologies to her for the suspicion: she doesn’t know who she is.

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 6 72x20
-the wonderful view from where I stand when painting

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 10 72x20
-glorious lilies given to me by a visiting friend

-there is a book of my cartoons on a little table near the marble sorter-outer - I have never heard such a variety of snorts, chortles, chuckles, squeaks, and other noises issuing from folk as they look through it - completely heartwarming!

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 5 72x20

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 7 72x20

Little Firefly Gallery 4_12_11 4 72x20

If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop in! A comfy chair awaits!