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The Firefly has been launched!

City ditty - Kerry Thompson 10cm City ditty

Yesterday was my first day in my 17 day pop-up Little Firefly Gallery (20 Moore Ave West Lindfield NSW 2070 - Dec 2nd - 18th), and I loved it! Mark, from Cafe Frendz, and I had a Garden Party Opening yesterday evening with bubbly and an amazing fruit platter and an equally delectable cheese platter, and lots of lovely visitors.

"Danderleith" hills - Kerry Thompson 72x10Danderleith hills

I painted in the gallery during the day, and folk wandered in which meant we had...conversation! Working on my own as I do normally, I don’t get much intelligent conversation, so that was really enjoyable. And the conversation included topics besides paintings...so now I know what people do out there in the world. I even had to commute. OK, so maybe 5 minutes isn’t really commuting...but it’s definitely further than from the kitchen to my study.

Between the flags Between the flags

I had lovely visitors and found homes for some tiles I’ve had made from some of my paintings, and for several paintings. Good homes. I love that. Although one dropper-inner suggested that if they go to a bad home, maybe they’ll help the home become a good one. What a kind and lovely thought.

Blue sunset smll Blue sunset

Of course, being situated in a nursery meant that some of my earnings went on the sweetest little green tricycle plant pot holder...I’ll take photos today.

Now to figure out what it is that people make their packed lunches out of...

but one went the other way 72 x 20But one went the other way...