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Daisy Takes Charge is born!

WF_3_cover front  DaisyTakesCharge opt 111kb  copy

On July 23rd Daisy Takes Charge by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove, which I illustrated with my Kerry Millard hat on, was released - it's a great story, and when I have some good copies of the internal drawings I'll show you some.

Because these stories are set in the Australian bush with real Australian wildlife and plants, I have enjoyed doing a lot of research to get everything right.

Whenever I illustrate a book there seems to be one illustration each time that I'm looking forward to painting. The illustrations in these books are painted in grey, like black and white photos, and I love how important light and shadow become. There were actually two illustrations I was really looking forward to painting in Daisy Takes Charge and I will put them up here when I can ... my scanner fell on its head and is a bit woozy so I'll see if I can get some excellent scans from Penguin.

The fourth book in the series, Daisy's Secret, will be released in September. There were some doozies of illustrations including a diamond python whose markings were a real challenge and delight to create; it all went to the printer a week ago so everybody is busting to see it put together as an actual book!

Oh, and there's a subtle layer of delightful very fine glitter on the covers - more on Daisy Takes Charge and Daisy's Secret than on the first two books - we all loved the touch on Daisy's Quest and Daisy's New Wings so much that we indulged ourselves with the second two! It's just a fine sheen, like frost, and is very satisfying.

... and there's a chance that there may be two more books - just a whisper on the breeze at the moment...