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Kerry's Mobile Marble Sorter-Outer


Have I told you about Kerry’s Modern Shorter-Stouter Mobile Marble Sorter-Outer?
Originally built many years ago to take part in an exhibition at
Books Illustrated in Melbourne, it was running hot at my recent Little Firefly pop-up gallery.

The idea was for illustrators (I illustrate and write as “Kerry Millard”) to send something that represented who you are, how you tick, but it absolutely couldn’t be an illustration. It could be a video of you tap-dancing, a tea cosy you’d knitted, a recording of you singing a song … So I thought, hmmm, what would represent “me” and what goes on inside my brain? I know! A marble sorter-outer!

You may notice such components as - my offspring’s toothbrush, the legs from the TV (from the days when TVs had legs - or did before they got used for marble sorter-outers), the handle grip from a bicycle, … and it works. Saves hours. Just insert marbles where indicated one at a time and, hey presto, sorted!! … But how? Weight? Colour? Well, maybe you’ll come to my next pop-up gallery to figure it out for yourself!

Oh, and “Mobile” is in its name because there’s a handle on top. I’m not sure how old it will have to be before I have to change the “Modern” bit…