Web Statistics 181. Hey drop me line - Kerry Thompson - original painting in acrylics on canvas 76cm x 92cm - message in a bottle

Hey drop me a line_Kerry Thompson _72x30_T

My brother has gone walkabout with his bicycle and not much else. This is a message in a bottle for him to drop me a line in case he visits my website ... based on a photo I took of him in 2007 on Toronto Island, one of his favourite haunts, looking across Lake Ontario - no land in sight. His edges are defined with a narrow strip of titanium white because when I took the photo I knew where his edges were - unpainted canvas in the top half of the work couldn’t be filled - I don’t know what's come next.

The thing about photos used to help search for missing persons ~ nobody knows when they are taking one.

Epilogue ~ we now believe he is no longer alive. I may or may not alter this painting...