Web Statistics 213. On Schemers Creek - Kerry Thompson - original painting in acrylics

On Schemers Creek_Kerry Thompson 72x20 opt

On Schemers Creek

Acrylics on birch panel 40cm h x 50cm w

Painted on site at Woodbridge, Tasmania

Not far from my home there is a character whom I always enjoy seeing on my walks and have been wanting to sit with to make a portrait of for some time: it's a derelict pump shed standing just above Schemers Creek.Something about it, mostly the bits protruding from and other parts hanging off it, gives it an air of sad hilarity.I made this work on site where the smells and temperature and sounds and breeze and dust and changing light were all part of it.Looking at this painting, imagine sitting on a small stool with a gravel road behind you, and just over your right shoulder the creek is slipping under a small bridge and a family of native hens is screeching and clacking at you.