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Kerry Thompson lives in Tasmania, Australia

Kerry's paintings have been described as joyful, whimsical, full of life and energy, colourful, honest, and thought provoking. Each piece is a moment captured from her life in a bold and refreshing exploration. Her trademark is colour and invention, her gift is to distill subjects down to their simplest essence, in an almost childlike manner.

“...Her thick brushstrokes seem to invoke the paintings of a child, where imagination is spilt onto canvas in a way that allows a certain innocence to meet the depth of a lifetime of experience as an artist"
Keisha Galbraith - Sydney Observer

"I use the emotions evoked by colours and their relationships as my tools when creating a work. My approach could be called “mad scientist at preschool” where an insatiable curiosity and interest in exploration and discovery meet a deliberate abandonment to respond to the process itself and the work as it unfolds, turning rules, methods, and even canvases upside down."

Kerry Thompson, Tasmania, Australia

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August Sunday at Gordon Tasmania

Acrylic on paper
57cm h x 40cm w

First en plein air painting since moving to Tasmania

Kerry Thompson began life as a Canadian...

In 1973, after studying zoology in Toronto, Kerry ventured to Australia with a guitar and a backpack,  got a shock eating Vegemite, stepped into the University of Sydney and five years later came out again as Kerry Millard and a rural veterinarian. Seven moves and a baby or two later saw her reach Sydney in 1984 where she gave birth again and became an Australian.
Not having quite enough excitement with three kids under four she brought home a wacky dog and ended up taking him to a dog training club to help him get his act together. She drew some cartoons for their newsletter which people seemed to like, and accidentally fell into being an award-winning cartoonist drawing for publications including
The Sydney Morning Herald and Medical Observer, and twice being voted Best Single Gag Cartoon Artist by the Australian Cartoonists' Association.

Kerry approached publishers in 1990 with hopes of drawing for children's books and others; at this stage she has now illustrated over 30 including Ark in The Park by Wendy Orr which was Children's Book Council Book of The Year, Younger Readers 1995, Nim's Island also by Wendy Orr which is published worldwide in 21 languages and has been made into a movie of the same name starring Jodie Foster in which Kerry appears for 1 ½ seconds (Kerry was hugged by Jodie Foster and kissed by a sea lion), and My Sister Has a Big Black Beard from the unique and amazing brain of Duncan Ball, friend of Selby the Talking dog.

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Taxidermist Kerry Millard copyright

My Sister Has a Big Black Beard Kerry Millard 300PX

Kerry has both written and illustrated two books under her nom de plume (Millard): Gordon's Biscuit, Penguin Books (which was read on Play School – how exciting is that!!??) and Quincy and Oscar, ABC Books. Kerry is working on turning "Gordon's Biscuit" into an eBook.


Q & O cover  Kerry Millard

             Several years ago Kerry made a leap onto canvas with acrylic paints to be able to create works bigger than her usual cartoons and illustrations, using as much colour as she wants, going in whatever direction the painting takes her, without a deadline.

She has chosen to paint as “Thompson” although many earliest works were signed “Millard”.

Since 2009 she has participated in numerous shows and exhibitions, has had work travel to Seoul, South Korea to exhibit, has had a work exhibited in NSW Parliament House, and has been filmed and interviewed by
Graeme Stevenson of Colour in Your Life while creating a painting. She has also created the "Little Firefly" pop-up gallery and studio which appears temporarily in different locations from time to time.
Kerry has had varied life experience including being a rural vet and travelling to Russia with Patch Adams and a group of clowns from 13 countries to play with kids in hospitals and orphanages. She had to fly from Sydney to Moscow on her own ... with a stopover in Bangkok ... dressed as a clown. But that's another story...

            To learn more about other aspects of her work, visit her Kerry Millard
website next door.

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   Hill house Kerry Thompson  copy

P.S.  If you go to September 4 2008 on her blog  (www.kerrymillard.com) you'll find out what happened in France and why she and her GPS are no longer on speaking terms.

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Watch Kerry being filmed and interviewed by Graeme Stevenson of Colour in Your Life while making a painting.
Kerry Thompson was interviewed on ABC Radio National's Life Matters
Under her nom de plume, Kerry Millard, she illustrated James Valentine's afternoon program on ABC 702 in Sydney. See the results on her blog:
http://www.kerrymillard.com/page7/page7.html - Go to Thursday November 18th.

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Birchs Bay

Acrylics on birch panel
30cm h x 40cm w

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Solo dancer

Acrylics and gesso on cotton canvas
60cm h x 75cm w

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Woodbridge Hill - Le weekend

Acrylics on beech panel ~ 40cmh x 30cmw

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Sandford Tasmania - There were muttonbirds too, but they’ve just sailed away

Acrylics on cotton canvas
60cm h x 75cm w

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There were Orcas in the Channel a few days ago - Tasmania

Acrylics on birch panel
40cm h x 30cm w

Made at Middleton. Tasmania

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Tide on the turn - D'Entrecasteaux Channel Tasmania

Acrylic on canvas
74cm h x 60cm w