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Hi Kerry, I have just watched your episode of colour in your life and I have to write to you right now. It is nearly 1am but this couldn't wait. I've "got too busy" over the last couple of years with studying, family-ing and with life in general. My painting has been put aside because everything and everyone else has been put first. You have just given me more inspiration than you could ever imagine - not just to paint freely and unrestrained (which I have never done) but to find joy and playtime in a busy life and get out the old battered brushes that are tucked away, give it a go and have some fun. Thank you for freeing me - you have just made my week.

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Just saw the inspiring interview you gave to Graeme Stevenson and was buoyed by your enthusiasm and message. The acrylics you were using looked 'yummy' too. Thank you

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Just finished watching. Congratulations Kerry. What an amazing demonstration. Such talent! I love
Oops pushed the wrong button. I wanted to say that I loved the range of colours and topics.

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Thanks, Kerry. Really enjoyed watching you at work and sharing your philosophy ... sometimes I need reminding that, with art, there's nothing "right" or "wrong". So I'll follow your advice and go on "singing my little song". Sometimes things come along at just the right time - your email and the program were such a time. Thanks again. 

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Hi Kerry,
"Song your own little song" really touched a chord in me. Thank you for sharing. I will be singing my own little song from now on! 

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I am excited by your style of paintings (colour in your life)and wondered if you could let me know if you have classes for beginners as I have never painted before.
Thank you for being inspiring.

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Hi Kerry
I have enjoyed watching you on CIYL, i love how you are free in your colour and application. As i have painted a bit, i'm at the stage of wanting to do creative art like yours that releases the freedom in me to paint without the detail that i normally do. 
Thanks for blessing... watching you has really encouraged me!

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"Hi Kerry. My name is Marie and I saw your episode on Colour In Your Life. I was captivated by your wonderful techniques and unique style. I am a primary school teacher in … Western Australia. I showed my year 4/5 students the episode and they were so engaged and inspired by your work. I have been encouraging my students to not be afraid to have a go with their artwork, so your episode worked in perfectly with this. They completed a review of your technique and created their own version of your Stoney Creek painting. I was so inspired by your painting that I have recently purchased an easel and I am going to start painting with acrylics myself. I love the idea of starting off by just getting splashes of colour onto the canvas and seeing where the painting takes you. … Thank you again for your wonderful works, you have inspired me and my class!" ….. Marie S.

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"…I was fortunate enough to catch the You Tube episode featuring you on 'Put Some Colour In Your Life'.
I absolutely loved every minute of it, thank you for spreading so much joy. You are so right about 'play', we all need more of it.
Your creativity and free spirit have inspired my sister and I to take up painting again, to play with gusto
and leave any fears or criticisms behind.
Love your work.
Thankyou so much" ….. Jan Dixon

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"…I have JUST seen your work via "colour in your life"...I am blown away by ALL of your work....incredible...and your thoughts about "singing your own song"
is something that will help me this year as I complete my second year of my Diploma of Visual Art. I have waited years to undertake this course and last year was
one of the best of my life....finding artists like yourself inspires me to 'sing my own song'...THANKYOU THANKYOU… " ….. L.F.

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" Hi Kerry, I just wanted to say, thank you for doing the show. I fell in love with your philosophy, and your lack of inhibitions with paint. To be honest, I cried. I now have the inspiration to do what I want to do with my paints and not what I think others would like. Thanks muchly for a little push along my painting road in my life. " G.P.

P.S. All names are included with permission